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My Daddy's Business Trip

Suzy's Daddy is going on a 7-day business trip to Switzerland and Suzy is feeling a bit sad. To help her cope, her Mom comes up with a great idea - a journal for each day that her Daddy is gone. Suzy can write down all her thoughts and feelings as she misses him. Mom also helps Suzy stay active in her regular activities and routines while her Daddy is away. Suzy is excited to keep her journal and looks forward to Daddy's return!



Sara Guralnick is a jewelry designer and author. When she isn't designing jewelry, she enjoys other creative pursuits including writing books for children. Sara has fond childhood memories of getting her own fabulous mystery gifts, one of which was the inspiration for one of her books. She is a native of Chicagoan, where she currently resides and operates an online vintage jewelry store Ooh la la Collectibles 

These books are dedicated to her parents, family, friends and wonderful husband. Through her experiences as a young child and watching her nieces grow, she has been inspired to tell stories to encourage children, parents and grandparents alike.


More Books from the Author

What's So Special About Grandparents


This children's story is all about the special bond between grandchildren and their grandparents. Join in the adventure as we explore the unique and loving relationship between these two generations and learn what makes grandparents so special. With delightful illustrations and a heartfelt story, this book is sure to be a treasured part of any grandparent's library. It's a perfect way to celebrate the love that grandparents share with their grandchildren!

Annie's Mystery Gift

Annie's Mystery Gift is the story of a young girl named Annie who had a birthday party with her friends. On the special day, Annie's mother gave her a tea set that was a family heirloom. The tea set was a mystery gift, and the friends were curious to discover what was inside. Through the course of the story, Annie and her friends dress up in fancy clothes and have a tea party with the mystery gift. Along the way, they learn about friendship, family and the importance of treasuring special gifts.

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